Thursday, August 7, 2014

The War Part 4,

The War part 4. the never ending walk.
I woke up in my sleeping in my sleeping bag. and looked around, surprised the Russians didn't find us I hoped to my feet and shook Abe awake "time to go" I said to Abe he looked up at me and smiled. I saw his face and smiled back. I said lets go before they come back looking for us. I stood up and grabbed my bag and folded up the sleeping bag. I pulled out of my bag a small compass and knife.  I looked at the compass and said slightly "lets go… north" i rolled up the back pack and looked at Abe.
he sat there with his hints packed up. and stared at me and said "lets go" so i followed the compass and went north. we walked and walked and it seemed like for ever but we came to a stop as the sun went down we saw a gloomy looking building it looked as if at one point it was on fire. i slowly went to it and saw a sign it said "U.S. Army OutPost #3" i frowned and looked around it was shirley abandoned and left, while looking in the debris i found a small note it said "Outpost #4 is north ward from this point. they are evacuating people, if you find this please return to general, Masson ~Mike." i took the paper and folded it up i put it in my pocket and went northward. i found a place for camp and we slept there… In the morning i was woke up by the hum of an engine. I swiftly took my handgun and pointed it outward i say 2 teenagers and 2 smaller kids about my age. they were at least 50 feet away i shook Abe awake he looked up at me and said. "Whhattt I'm still asleep!" i looked at him swiftly and made a hand motion to be quite he hopped to his feet and i think he noticed the hum of the engine. He too out a nice and looked out  "it just kids! he whisper i grabbed my rife cocked it and slowly crept toward the children. one notice me and screamed all the others looked at me. i steadied my aim to what seemed like the oldest teenager. he was slowly raising a nice out of a holster and he looked at me and Abe. "Were out here alone whit a nice, a car and were running out of fuel can you help?" he said i didn't trust him .
so i lowered the gun and said "Why should we help you!?" and he looked to the floor and said my parents in quarantine 4 were killed the russians killed everyone. My eyes widened and i looked at abe i saw the tears swell in ages eyes "I will help you if you use your file to help get us to out post 4!" I said with a whiney voice i has holding back the tears. My parents war in quarantine 4. They kids agreed with each other and i hoped in in has a russian humvee. or she thing, it was army made and was durable and fast. we made it about 10 miles before it stopped and he said "Pay up!" and i took from my bag i took 4 energy bars and an extra  compass and walked away. the out post was about 2 miles away. finally we made yes we made it, it was the best felling i came the the front gates and then it happened. in a flash the gates burst open and flames came out there was a bomb! the flames rose and consumed me "AHHHH" I said! the flames pushed me back and. then i heard a gun shot it hit me in the shoulder.
then every thing went black. i thought to my self it was over it was all over…

Part 5! Yay ok so thanks for reading and sry for the shortness of the shortness part 5 will be longer and good so thanks!


  1. Jack, you are amazing! I can't wait to read the next installment, and more than that, I can't wait to see what you grow up to be, besides awesome! Keep it up!!!