Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Part Two of THE WAR: A novel by Jack Kramer

The War Part two
December ,11 2016

I looked at the door it was time i looked at Abe and noded he got up and grapes his gear. i walk out in the hall. I was shaking, shivering a chill went down my spine. The thought of killing some one if it went wrong made me sick to the bone. i went to the front door i silently opened the door it was about 4 at night i had to go and go fast before the sun rose and light turned off there was heavy security. i silently walked across the dorms (or prisons. Homes is what They called them) I say the first guard i helps my breath and i looked at Abe and nodded he past me in to the shadows his shining face and dirty blond hair look over at me just as i started to pass. i say the guard look back at me my heart froze. and i dropped to the floor looking up to the man he didn't notice me in the dark but i has scared to death.So i very slowly moved toward Abe and i say the shock in his eyes. i pulled out my black pistol i knew the basics of a gun but with the complex stuff i sucked.Well i had the gun in my hands and i shook and i was scared i kew they would shoot me on sight i picked up the pase and made it to the front gate with Abe. the i heard a "Hey You Stop!" and i froze and i dropped to the ground and crawled i motions to Abe  to come. But the man walking towards us had a pistol pointed to Abes head i could tell he was in shock and i was pinging my gun strait at the guard the an didn't notice me and he took abe by the arm and i SNAPED. and i shot the man. i got the rifle with a site and i shot the nears guards i got abe by the arm and ran ran so fast i dove under the small crack under the gate. i was out they were Trucks and cars racing towards the gate and i looked at abe and said "Heres a pistol and run!" i took his back pack and i ran beside him. i heard gun shots i ran even faster than i have ever ran before! go, go, go i thought and then Boom a big explosion and i fell over the lights came close and i say a face and every thing went black.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The War Part One By: Jack kramer

The War Part One.

January,16 2017. Chapter One The Flames
The flames yes the flames the heat was unbearable i couldn't stand it much longer! I was surrounded by flames i thought surely i was gonna die. Then the thought came back! My Brother, Abe he was trapped. Thats why i was here! I heard the call of his voice the faint frantic, "Jack!" coming with in this
flame. I ran through the flames i felt my skin burning the heat! The heat! No i wouldn't make it Abe would be trapped! It made me sick to the bone to think of him trapped in the flame ablaze and crying and screaming! I had to save him! I ran and it felt like forever but finally i found him! I took him in my arms, and RAN.my vision was blurred and i thought "How did i get her".
                                                                                                                                                                          December, 12 2016. Chapter Two The Handgun
It was cold and clammy out side i was in my room looking out the window "Life sucks" I said to my self. And then i look at the road blocks and the chicken wire. we were quarantined but also kinda captives. The russians attacked the east cost starting in Washington D.C. Spreading to Maryland and Virginia. There forces spread like a wild fire no american forces could hold them back. Then it happened Biological weapons fired by american forces.It wasn't contained it spread to the russians but also the citizens it was an untested biological weapon. It was a last straw to do but this was the end.
All who were effected were self contions but just was determined to attack and kill No mercy, no kindness, no nothing. so russians were killing its own forces and were shooting don't citizens it sucked.
It was my goal to get out my parents were in Quarantine 5 i was in 2 with Abe. I went to my mirror i out on my clothes and my shoes i was a dirty blond (at this point you couldn't tell with all the dirt)
I picked up my rifle today was the day i have been saving ammo and weapons from the black market of quarantine 2&3 I have hidden all of my loot but today was the day. i put on my ski mast grabbed my back pack full of supplies to go and live out in the world for a long period of time. My plans were not to shoot down guards and make a conflict the guns were for if i was found. i want to escape ,get my parents, and get the the nearest american out post.  i looked to the door it was time.