Thursday, August 7, 2014

The War Part 4,

The War part 4. the never ending walk.
I woke up in my sleeping in my sleeping bag. and looked around, surprised the Russians didn't find us I hoped to my feet and shook Abe awake "time to go" I said to Abe he looked up at me and smiled. I saw his face and smiled back. I said lets go before they come back looking for us. I stood up and grabbed my bag and folded up the sleeping bag. I pulled out of my bag a small compass and knife.  I looked at the compass and said slightly "lets go… north" i rolled up the back pack and looked at Abe.
he sat there with his hints packed up. and stared at me and said "lets go" so i followed the compass and went north. we walked and walked and it seemed like for ever but we came to a stop as the sun went down we saw a gloomy looking building it looked as if at one point it was on fire. i slowly went to it and saw a sign it said "U.S. Army OutPost #3" i frowned and looked around it was shirley abandoned and left, while looking in the debris i found a small note it said "Outpost #4 is north ward from this point. they are evacuating people, if you find this please return to general, Masson ~Mike." i took the paper and folded it up i put it in my pocket and went northward. i found a place for camp and we slept there… In the morning i was woke up by the hum of an engine. I swiftly took my handgun and pointed it outward i say 2 teenagers and 2 smaller kids about my age. they were at least 50 feet away i shook Abe awake he looked up at me and said. "Whhattt I'm still asleep!" i looked at him swiftly and made a hand motion to be quite he hopped to his feet and i think he noticed the hum of the engine. He too out a nice and looked out  "it just kids! he whisper i grabbed my rife cocked it and slowly crept toward the children. one notice me and screamed all the others looked at me. i steadied my aim to what seemed like the oldest teenager. he was slowly raising a nice out of a holster and he looked at me and Abe. "Were out here alone whit a nice, a car and were running out of fuel can you help?" he said i didn't trust him .
so i lowered the gun and said "Why should we help you!?" and he looked to the floor and said my parents in quarantine 4 were killed the russians killed everyone. My eyes widened and i looked at abe i saw the tears swell in ages eyes "I will help you if you use your file to help get us to out post 4!" I said with a whiney voice i has holding back the tears. My parents war in quarantine 4. They kids agreed with each other and i hoped in in has a russian humvee. or she thing, it was army made and was durable and fast. we made it about 10 miles before it stopped and he said "Pay up!" and i took from my bag i took 4 energy bars and an extra  compass and walked away. the out post was about 2 miles away. finally we made yes we made it, it was the best felling i came the the front gates and then it happened. in a flash the gates burst open and flames came out there was a bomb! the flames rose and consumed me "AHHHH" I said! the flames pushed me back and. then i heard a gun shot it hit me in the shoulder.
then every thing went black. i thought to my self it was over it was all over…

Part 5! Yay ok so thanks for reading and sry for the shortness of the shortness part 5 will be longer and good so thanks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The War Part 3. by: Jack Kramer

The War Part 3 White lights.
I opened my eyes all i could see was white lights i was striped of my gear. I looked side to side on one side i saw my brother. On the other i say a man. We were laid on a floor and had a blanket draped over us i could see the door out but it had a guard standing next to it. Man this sucked! All i could Hear were russian men talking. I thought i was in some kind of… testing room? I didn't know but maybe it had to do with the toxins spreading from the biological weapons. At this point I don't care i wanted out. I spoke a little russian. This may come  in handy and they didn't take my pocket knife it wouldn't be much but it would help Somehow. At this point i almost wanted to give up. With the gangs and killers.
It was hopeless i don't even know if the rumors were true that the out post was evacuating the citizens to alaska! But i wanted Abe to see mom and dad he was so young when we were separated and i missed them too. I looked back at Abe he was sleeping (or knocked out i don't know) I studied the room carefully and found where my gear was placed. I silently hoped that they weren't  going to kill me
I noticed that i wasn't restrained in any way. I slowly sat up and scanned the room one of the men noticed me. and said something to the others and they all looked over. i didn't make eye contact and looked away "are you going to kill us" Abe said. I suddenly looked over to him and made a hand gesture to shut up. one of the men walked over and said in a soft voice "No, but we will punish you some how". He almost said it in a pleasant, comforting way. As he walked away he winked at me and then Abe. I slightly smiled at the man. and i laid down and stared to the sealing. After a couple hours later the man who seemed nice came to us and smiled all the other men had left a while ago. This mans face was almost brown from all the dirt and grime he had blonde hair and and a smiling face. i smiled back at him, I felt it had been a while sense i smiled. the man said "Hello my name is marten parks i am here to help" he said "How will you help?" I replied "i will get you out." i whispered to me. I help joy building up inside of me! I swiftly turned to Abe he was still asleep and i shook him awake "Wake up were getting out of here!" I said excitedly but quietly. he sprung to his feet and looked up and saw the guard and said "Jack were not getting out" "OHH yes we are, he's helping us!" then i sprang up to my feet. marten said "I love your bravery and courage" i blushed and got my back pack so did Abe "Its 10 at night we should  make it to the gates in about 30 minutes" he said as his jacket flayed back into the wind. "Why are we so far! for me i took 1 minute to get there!" "were farther back with the bunkers and warehouses. But i can get a ride in a transport. but still it will take a while" i frowned and followed him down the path. i saw a bus in the distance as we approached the bus i could make out sue words on it, it said Troop transport #2 i looked through the windows. No one was in it. Marten walked in pulled out some keys from his pocket and  shifted through them he found the one and turned on the bus we started to drive off. about 30 minutes later we stopped and he said "this is your stop!" i looked at him and said. "Why did you help us" he replied i was once a U.S. solider the russians captured me and put me here. Your bravery made me want to help you know time for the dirty work" he pulled out a small pistol and shot 3 guards and looked back and said "Go go go."  me and Abe Ran we swiftly slid under the main gate and made it out i looked at the two sniper towers there focus was on marten not us.
and i ran like you've never seen a kid run! i went and i went! And then finally when i couldn't see the lights of the base and it was out of sight i stopped to rest i looked at Abe his grin was so big! i laughed and chucked as the laughter came to a stop and i pulled out my sleeping baad and went to sleep.

Part 4 Coming soon. The men and the base

Thank you for reading the third edition of The War! thanks for the support and love! I love writing and can't wait to get to part 4! are you ready for part 4 well i am!

Love ~ Jack :) 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The War Reboot

Hello everyone! I know when i have 9 i wrote the story The War Part 1 & 2 Well if you have noticed my writing skills have increased and i have chosen to restart The War i know most of you loved the first version but this will be better but not as awesome scenes I'm older :) But i can guarantee you that i will Continue writing the war instead of stop on part 2. every week i will post a new The War
This has a little more flare ;3 Thanks for the support Love you :)


The War Updates! Yay!!

Hey this is about my series The War Part One And two have been updated and almost changed completely so make sure to read them and don't for get about Part 3 of The War so stay tuned and look out for my daily blog posts and weekly posts of The War