Friday, March 16, 2012

Im Back :D

Hey Guys i Haven't Been posting in a while and I'm thinking about getting back in to blogging!
I just want to say thanks to my mom for inviting me and showing me about blogger!
I may do a continue up of The War! Not to many read my blog posts because if my absents 
on blogger. Don't forget to tell every one about my blog! Thanks

~Love Jack Kramer

About Me (Updated) :D

Hey I'm just updating My blog This is my "About Me Post" I have changed over the years so I'm changing the post! Lets get started!

1* Me now with access to the computer (for a while now) I have grown a large Knowledge Of Computers (especially apples) 2*My favorite Games are! (wait before i do that I need to say with the
lack of Xbox i have gotten into Computer games!) I play Minecraft YUP you have probably know what Minecraft is so yay. And i play Insergensy A first person shooter Almost like Call of duty
But for Computers.3* try to be social and funny even if there younger or older! Thanks for
Reading And supporting the blog!

~Jack Kramer

Hey Everyone :D

Hey Im Jack Last time this page was updated is when i was eight years old. so like 2 years ago
wow But I'm getting back into blogging! So this original post was "New Blog" Well i have updated it and i am exited to start again! Im 10 years old (for the time being) I have just entered 5th Grade
With Mrs.Eustance! I go To American LeaderShip Academy.(ALA) Know that I'm not eight years old and don't need help spelling or use a computer i will post Weekly Or even Daily! I can't Wait Thanks for the support!

~Jack Kramer