Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Part Two of THE WAR: A novel by Jack Kramer

The War Part two
December ,11 2016

I looked at the door it was time i looked at Abe and noded he got up and grapes his gear. i walk out in the hall. I was shaking, shivering a chill went down my spine. The thought of killing some one if it went wrong made me sick to the bone. i went to the front door i silently opened the door it was about 4 at night i had to go and go fast before the sun rose and light turned off there was heavy security. i silently walked across the dorms (or prisons. Homes is what They called them) I say the first guard i helps my breath and i looked at Abe and nodded he past me in to the shadows his shining face and dirty blond hair look over at me just as i started to pass. i say the guard look back at me my heart froze. and i dropped to the floor looking up to the man he didn't notice me in the dark but i has scared to death.So i very slowly moved toward Abe and i say the shock in his eyes. i pulled out my black pistol i knew the basics of a gun but with the complex stuff i sucked.Well i had the gun in my hands and i shook and i was scared i kew they would shoot me on sight i picked up the pase and made it to the front gate with Abe. the i heard a "Hey You Stop!" and i froze and i dropped to the ground and crawled i motions to Abe  to come. But the man walking towards us had a pistol pointed to Abes head i could tell he was in shock and i was pinging my gun strait at the guard the an didn't notice me and he took abe by the arm and i SNAPED. and i shot the man. i got the rifle with a site and i shot the nears guards i got abe by the arm and ran ran so fast i dove under the small crack under the gate. i was out they were Trucks and cars racing towards the gate and i looked at abe and said "Heres a pistol and run!" i took his back pack and i ran beside him. i heard gun shots i ran even faster than i have ever ran before! go, go, go i thought and then Boom a big explosion and i fell over the lights came close and i say a face and every thing went black.

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